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 Post subject: Eledan: 80 Druid
PostPosted: Fri Dec 10, 2010 11:50 am  
Plunder Bunny
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CWAL Ops Guild Application

The Basics
1. Character Name / Level: Eledan/81
2. Character Class: Druid
3. Character Race: Night Elf (May change to Worgen)
4. Character Spec: Resto/Feral DPS
5. Your Real Name (optional) Matt
6. Your Age: 38
7. Your Profession: Software Engineer
8. Time Zone: EST

Guild and Game
9. Why do you wish to be in CWAL Ops? Because my wife made me. Also, because your philosophy seems to align well with what I am looking for.
10. Which team/rank are you applying for? (10 Man Raid Team, PvP, F&F, etc.) Guild PvP is my main focus, but I'm willing to help fill up raids.
11. What are things that you would view as problematic for any guild you would join? My priorities are: Family, work, life, WoW. Thankfully, the first three don't tend to get in the way much, but there will be times when WoW has to be put aside.
12. What do you do in game outside of raiding for fun? PvP! I'm not very interested in dueling or arenas, focusing on BGs (horray Cataclysm!). Outside of PvP, I like doing anything that involves playing with friends.

Schedule and Communications - Raid Applicants Only
13. What days and times do you play? Very flexible on the nights, but I don't plan on getting into anything serious until my son has gone to bed, which is generally around 7. I will have to coordinate this the wife, but we can generally switch off and avoid attendance problems.
14. If you are applying to a raid team are you able to maintain a raid schedule of 2 or more days within the times listed for #13? I would take a back seat to my wife's raiding schedule. She's better than me at almost everything in WoW, so this is to your advantage. That said, I want to see the content, so I would be willing to help as a regular member or an alternate.
15. Do you have Ventrilo and a functional microphone? Yes and yes

About You
16. What guilds have you been in? Please be sure to comment on any raiding guilds and your reason for leaving them: I'm coming from Mug'thol, where I've been playing with the Bucklers of Swash. I've played with the Mithril Warhammers (who are now on this realm) in the past as well. I'm leaving Mug'thol, not the Bucklers. I left MwH when they were on Mug'thol because I couldn't meet their raiding requirements.
17. Please tell us a little bit about yourself as a person. I'm happily (she might read this) married with a son, I have a stressful job I try to leave at the office, and I'm a lifelong geek.
18. Please describe some of the other things you do outside WoW so we can get to know you a bit better. I've mentioned most of it already. Other things include: guitar, drawing, dogs, anything to do with my iPad.
19. Please list any references you have in the guild: Kestrel aka Annariel may vouch for me
20. When did you start playing, was this always your main? Open beta, years ago. This character has been my main for most of Wrath. I've played rogues, mages, warriors, and paladins to max levels (at the time), but I always wanted to play a druid. Resto seems to fit me well, so I'm going to stick with it. He's the best geared character I've had, and I feel like I can contribute more to PvP and PvE as a healer.
21. Were you always on Mannoroth or did you transfer at any point? I transferred just before Cataclysm came out, from Mug'thol. Actually, I obediently followed my wife to this server, but I did so happily. The character used to be named Feanor.
23. What is your favorite instance and why? Oculus....wait, you want my favorite? I've still got a soft spot for Blackrock mountain, mainly due to nostalgia. My main interest in instances is the lore/content as opposed to loot, though I won't turn down shinies. Back in vanilla, Blackrock felt like epic adventure without the hassle of gathering 40 people together who inevitably argued over loot. In fact, competition over loot is my #1 reason for disliking PvE over PvP in this game. I'm happy to hear we're returning to the area in Cata, and love the focus on smaller teams.
24. What do you like about your class? What do you dislike? What's not to like?! Resto healing is a lot of fun in PvP and PvE. Plus, and I can press a button and make things bleed to death. Then there's the tanking thing when needed. The only problem I have is boomkin, but I have cleverly avoided the problem so far. This is mostly due to my wife's influence. She'd look at me differently if I deliberately decided to take the form of a giant chicken with pretty jewelry.

 Post subject: Re: Eledan: 80 Druid
PostPosted: Fri Dec 10, 2010 11:53 am  
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Pretty in Pink
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Thank you for applying. Your application has been copied over for review by a team of talented gnome tamers.

Re-Retired Unretired Officer, CWAL Ops
 Post subject: Re: Eledan: 80 Druid
PostPosted: Sat Dec 11, 2010 11:49 pm  
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Now > Ever
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Invited and welcome

I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul. ~ William Ernest Henley
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