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 Post subject: Guild Wars 2 - Reviews
PostPosted: Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:38 am  
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If you aren't playing Guild Wars 2, you should be. It's great. I could write up a review telling you why... but people more eloquent with higher production value already have. Just a couple impressions that are huge to me:

1. You have a shared bank [between your chars], including a tab that is just for crafting mats... all of them. So your crafting mats [called Collectibles] take up no space in your bags or bank. When you get a mat, from your bags, anywhere, you can click a button and store all your mats in the bank right away. And all crafting stations have tabs to access your bank and collection bank.
2. The game has micro, which is paid for with gems, 800 gems = $10. However, there is also an exchange market, which fluctuates based on the demand for crystal conversions, where you can turn in-game money into gems too. The rate seems to fluctuate daily, but not by that much. But what this means is you can buy micro items and services without ever shelling out real money. An additional character slot [you start with 5] is 800 gems. I'm not even level 20 yet, so the amount of money I am making is low [haven't earned my first gold yet], and I cal already trade for 150 gems... and that is one of the more expensive items on the market. Most things, like dyes, and keys and tickets for tournaments are significantly cheaper [iirc, its like 75 gems for 3 tickets to the tournaments, which equates to a couple silver].
3. The WvW zone is a 3 way combat siege based persistent conquest zone. Its split into 4 major regions, and each region is the size of a LARGE WoW zone. It's like playing 10 AVs at the same time. Also, the map shows you with crossed swords where PvP combat is happening at any given moment.
4. You get xp for EVERYTHING. Rez someone [including downed NPCs]? XP. Cut down a tree? XP. Cut down a tree in a lowbie zone way below you? XP. Crafting? XP... and crafting XP.
5. Resource node positions are server based, but being looted or not is client side. That means you dont have to race people for nodes... if they mine copper, its gone for them... but still there for you. And since all you need to gather resources is a pick, and axe and a scyth, get them early and gather everything... throw it in your Collectible bank, and figure out your crafting professions later.

The rest of the impressive stuff is pretty well covered in the reviews...

Angry Joe's review [note: he hates MMOs]

Note: I tried WvW on Maguuma this week and was in queue for less than 5 min. So either the high queue time he experienced are server specific, or they fixed the problem already.

IGN's Review in Progress:

Part 1 - Overview

Part 2 - Classes and Races

Part 3 - Crafting

Part 4 - World v. World

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