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 Post subject: Integrated Fishing/Cooking/First Aid Leveling Guide
PostPosted: Sun Nov 23, 2014 12:30 pm  
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I have gotten a few folks asking me in game about this so here goes. The fastest and most efficient way I could find to level them AND do the Draenor Fishing Achievement to unlock the lvl 3 fishing shack. Scrolls for First Aid and Cooking drop off mobs. Fishing scroll will be in your first open water cast.

1. Fishing level does not matter. All it impacts is the size of the fish you catch. To filet them, check the stack size needed per fish type.
2. Equip whatever fishing gear you have and take the best bait you have. Higher level means catching bigger fish.
3. Go to the beach where the boat landed by the Garrison. Fish there for Crescent Fish and Sea Scorpions. Use the scorpion bait. Your goal is to catch 100 enormous Sea Scorpions for the Achievement.
4. Doing that will give you the mats to level cooking to 675 and First Aid to 700.
5. You may also catch an Ephemeral Fishing rod (+100) that lasts 24 hours, a hat (+100) that lasts 7 days, and Supreme Worm Lures (+ 200)
6. When/if you get the nifty gear you really want to focus on the rest of the Draenor Fishing Achievement to catch 100 enormous versions of the fish in each zone. The gear makes every catch enormous so it goes fast.
7. Doing that achievement will give you more than enough mats to finish off cooking by making the fish feasts.
8. If you have an alchemist send them the relevant leftovers
9. Put anything else you don't want on the AH.
10. Profit!

EDIT for Fish Zone Guide:

-Frostfire Ridge - Fire Ammonite. Fly to Deeproot in Goregrond then head north along the road. Take a left at the intersection and continue through the Goregrojund pass. As you get into Frostfire there will be an Alliance flight point on the right. The tar by the road and flight point will let you catch the target fish.

-Shadowmoon Valley - Sea Scorpion on the Coast and Blind Lake Sturgeon

-Goregrond - Jawless Skulker. You can fish right in the pond by Highpass.

-Talador - Blackwater Whiptail. Enter the zone from Shadowmoon and grab the Anchorite's Refuge flight point if you don't have it. Fish in the pond right by the flight point.

-Nagrand - Fat Sleepers. I caught all mine right in the lake where you enter the zone from Talador. No mobs or horde bugged me.

-Spires of Arak - Abysal Gulper Eels. I got all mine right in the pond where I entered the zone from Talador. It was quiet there.

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